Top 10 Tips to Become a Master Networker

You’ve gone to your early morning breakfast meeting, gotten some great referrals, in your eyes you’re a master net-worker – and yet you’re waiting around for that business to come to you.

What’s gone wrong? 

Well, BNI have recently conducted a survey for the book Masters of Networking – which asked business professionals for their opinions on the most crucial character traits to become a master networker.  These results were generated from answers given by 2,000 professionals from a range of countries who ranked a list of traits deemed useful in creating and maintaining good relationships in business.

And these are the Top 10 –

  1. Follow Through – follow through on what you say you’re going to do and when you said you’d do it.  This will build up your credibility and trust within you network. 
  2. Positive attitude – Maybe an obvious one but people are more attracted to positive people and so will be more likely to refer you.  On the other side of this, a positive outlook also helps your own motivation.
  3. Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is believed to go hand in hand with great motivation.  If you’re enthusiastic about yourself and your business then the people you are talking  to will be more open to your ideas.  If you believe in you then other people are more likely to believe in you too and enthusiasm is a great way to emphasize this belief.
  4. Trustworthiness – When a fellow member refers you they are taking a risk.  A direct referral puts their professional reputation on the line.  If you do shoddy work it reflects back on them.  That’s why you need to build up this trust.  It takes time, but is a huge part in building  your professional credibility.
  5. Listen – Referrals are a two way relationship.  Make sure that you understand the needs, problems, and aspirations of the other members of your chapter.  This will ensure  that you are getting the right kind of referral that will be helpful to them.  Ask them questions, then listen.
  6. 24/7 networking – Real King-Pin networkers view every conversation as an opportunity to network for themselves or to push a fellow BNI member.
  7. Gratitude – People remember when you fail to be grateful for a brilliant referral, or any kind of referral actually.  Saying ‘Thank you’ whether by email, post, or face to face shows your gratitude who has won you a referral and the possibility of future business.
  8. Helpfulness – Gaining a reputation of being helpful, will make you more likable and people will be happier to refer you.
  9. Sincerity – People aren’t interested in the recommendations of insincere people.  They will think that you are just trying to sell them something.  So listen, and tailor your advice or referral in order to make sure that your coming across the way you want.
  10. Professional approach – You need to be well organised in terms of contact management.  Carry referral partners’ business cards with you own, build you network and set up appointments without a direct expectation for a sale or referral.

Successful Businesses need a set of relationships and associates in order to expand their networks and increase their profitability – BNI Resolute can help you build those relationships. 

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