Bravery + Persistance = Success

Each field of business requires hard-work to create success and results.  In order to become successful we have to get over our fear of rejection, i.e. we have to be brave and we also have to persist.

Fear of rejection is a universal human experience.  However we have to use it as a motivator.  We all need to understand that if we are able to shake off the fear of rejection we will be able to bravely walk onto the field of business with the understanding that to live under the shadow of fear of rejection means that nothing will get done, will evolve, or will succeed.  Once we get over our fear of rejection we can see that the worst thing that can happen is that you will be refused, and then you can just dust yourself off an move on to the next possible project!

Not putting yourself out there would leave yourself in the position in which you started.  Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from trying to do what you want to do.  You just need to know that some people will go for your idea will go for it, some people won’t.  It’s not the end of the world if someone doesn’t want to go for your idea.

Once you’ve got over your fear of rejection, it then becomes crucial to be persistent.  As you’re now trying to push yourself into more and more people business ideas this statistically means that you might be facing more rejections than ever before – but this just means that when you do get an interested customer or client you need to make sure that you are persistent in the face of their interest.  You can’t expect everyone to be as excited about your potential product, or business as you are but you can make sure that people see how excited you are.  Enthusiasm is infectious and persistence is one way of illustrating your enthusiasm. 

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