One Day Stands

BNI Resolute regularly invites guests and visitors to join our networking events at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre, Pembrokeshire.  If you’re visiting us at one of our Haverfordwest meetings or if you’re out and about at less regular networking meetings than ours a different strategy is required to make an impact and make your networking time worthwhile.

The overall plan of action is to move from visibility, to credibility, to profitability. Unlike at regular BNI networking meetings one of meetings need to focus more on your visibility.

At one off networking meetings the key is to search out people who you have something in common with and if the feeling is mutual to set up a time to talk after the conference. If you forward the idea of a contact relationship with someone then you have made yourself visible.  You can organise to meet or talk later on in the week – and follow up that initial interest.  Don’t let this new relationship die before it begins.   Contacting your new fellow-networkers can also be done via social media, such as LinkedIn – from your social media platforms they can build up a picture from your visibiity which increases your credibility.

You also need to be aware of becoming a useful contact.  So why not send them some articles you’ve written, or just some basic information.  Not everything you send your new contact should be trying to make a sale.

At BNI Resolute we start from a level of credibility, each of our members are experts in their fields and would be unwilling to pass on referrals to anyone without the appropriate level of credibility.  Some networks start more on a basis of visibility.  BE aware when you visit new networks where their emphasis lies and then use  that  information to push your business towards profitability.

BNI Resolute meet on Tuesday mornings at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre, why not come and meet us at 06.45 and we can help push your credibility towards profitability.  With each seat being worth £58k a year, can you afford to ignore the most suscessful business network in Pembrokeshire.

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