Official Organisational Terms

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of this organisation is built upon the the idea of Givers Gain, and that by giving business to others you will receive business in return.  this is predicated on the age-old idea  ‘What goes around, comes around.’

 Code of Ethics

A set of six principles describing accepted conduct for members of the organisation.  When a decision must be made related to ethical behaviour the Code of Ethics helps guide that decision.

General Policies

The course of action which is to be taken with regard to specific issues or questions that are commonly found within the organisation’s membership.  The policies are designed to be prudent, expedient, and advantageous for overall membership.  All policies are approved by the International Board of Advisors.  It is expected that members comply with the policies.

 Administrative Policies

The actions followed when the BNI administrative leaders are faced with ambiguous circumstances requiring a decision.


Like administrative policies, the organisational guidelines help determine the BEST ADVICE on how to make a decision when circumstances regarding members are ambiguous.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in BNI offers the potential for greater results with decreased effort than that achieved by working apart from, or outside of, the organisation.  BNI membership offers increased opportunity to add value to one’s business in comparison to working alone.

The BNI Philosophy, ethic, policies and guidelines perform the same function as a constitution for a society or association, the articles of incorporation for a corporation or a town’s by-laws.  By complying with the directives of the social group, members increase the likelihood of getting value for their membership.