Member Interview – Q & A with Angus Findlay

We’ve been doing member interviews on all the members of our BNI Chapter, BNI Resolute Haverfordwest.  These interviews are set so that our website visitors can get to know our individual members a  little bit better, and maybe reading these will convince you that you too want to become part of the biggest and most lucrative business networking groups in Haverforwest, Pembrokeshire.

BNI is our most consistent marketing method which we have stuck with through our 16 years of trading.  The results speak for  themselves. – Angus Findlay

We asked Angus about his time in BNI.

Q. What’s your business called and what does it do?

A. Web Adept – Online to Success. We are an Online Marketing Agency which aims to generate the kind of online response which our clients want.  We build and manage websites, help peoples with their online marketing and can optimize all levels of your onlne presence.

Q. How did you decide on this business?

When I started out 16 years ago the internet was like the Wild West, anybody could be the next big  thing.  And that is what I like.  My industry changes on a monthly basis, but that is what keeps me interested and that means that I never have a dull day.

Q. Why did you decide to join BNI – and when was that?

A. I started out in the first BNI in Cardiff when it started in maybe 2001?  This meant a 4.00am start from Pembrokeshire to get to Cardiff for 6.30am.  I kept that up for 3 years.  I got used to it and the work started comingand it made the early starts worth it.  I had a break for a few years and then joined the Haverfordwest group when it was well established. I’ve also been a member of the Carmarthen Chapter.  But now it ‘s just the Haverfordwest meeting for me.  And the reason for that is that it brings a return on my investment and more.  So, what else would you want from a marketing project.

Q. When did you realize that BNI was going to work for you?

A. When I took the trouble to  learn the rules.  It’s really just a matter of logic.  If all of us play by the rules everyone benefits.

Q. What tools or resources in BNI did you find most helpful?

A. The structure and the training.

Q. What other networking groups have you tried, and which ones have worked well?

A. We’ve tried so many, Business Lunch, Chambers of Commerce, 4Network.  The list could go on and as an expanding business we will try any networking events.  But no matter how good other networking groups are they lack that same standard structure and never yield the same results .

Q. What’s kept you coming back all those years?

A. Well membership has over and beyond paid for itself.  It’s also a great community of members to be part of and be supported by .

Q. From your experience, what do think makes the difference between a successful and not so successful BNI chapter?

A.  If your chapter follows the rules and the structure – nevermind that sometimes they can seem slow and laborious – then it’s going to work.  And work effectively.  But once you start slipping and cracks form the group starts to fall apart and loses it’s profitability.

Q. What proportion of your revenue do you generate through BNI?

A.  Enough to justify pushing referrals for the other members and getting up on dark cold winter mornings.

Q. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned as a member?

A.  That I’, not the only ‘stupid’ self-employed person out there that works too hard.  I’ve also taken the whole referral model to our other business associates and it’s really helping growth.

Q. What would you do differently if you were starting your membership again, from the beginning?

A.  I’d really push it and do 1-2-1 meetings with every single member of my chapter and also visit as many other chapters that I could in order to increase and widen my network.

Q. What key networking lessons have you learnt?

A. Have a sharp elevator pitch and remember that the truth sells.  The BNI system is great for weeding out the people who don’t deliver  what they were supposed to deliver.

Q. Any key partnerships? What did you do that made the relationship successful?

A.  I’ve a number of clients who will always come to us if they need a new business or know people who are in need of a new website or some online marketing.  Making that relationship successful?  Well it comes down to respecting them and also returning the compliment when we can.

How can people get in touch with you?

A. It’ s up to you! There are plenty of ways to get in touch….

  • T: 01437 72 00 33
  • F: /webadeptuk
  • T: @webadeptuk
  • Linkedin: /in/angusfindlay
  • W: