Make the Most out of your 1-2-1

Networking is a two way street and you often only have a limited amount of time to do it.  Make sure you get to the bottom of your opposite members business in order to form a useful, reciprocal working relationship.  At BNI Resolute, based in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, West Wales we provide the perfect networking solutions.  Come and join us on Tuesday mornings at the Haverfordwest Leisure Centre, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.  Take a look at our list of great networking questions to make sure that you get the most out of your networking opportunities.

1. What got you started in your business?

2. What’s your favourite part of what you do?

3.  What makes you stand out from your competition?

4. Do you have any advice you could give to someone starting out in your business or industry?

5. Are there any up and coming trends in your industry?

6. What promotion tactics work best for your business?

7. What would you most like change about your industry?

8. Whats the next big event that’s coming up for you?

9. At the moment, what would you describe as your biggest challenge?

10. What kind of customer are you looking for at the moment?

11. How can I recognize a good prospect for you?

12. What kind of situation would a client needing your services be in?

13. Which of my customers would you most like to be introduced to?

You should try and ask at least five of the above questions but you should definitely get round to asking #13 – opening yourself up to be helpful and useful to your fellow BNI members is one of the best ways to gain their interest and trust.  Networking is a working relationship.  You need to show interest and understand other people’s businesses and they will return with interest in yours.  An interested business network is a lucrative one.  So why not come and meet us all at BNI Resolute, Haverfordwest to get involved in one of the most lucrative and friendly networking opportunities in the Pembrokeshire area.

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