Is the formula for success simply showing up?

“80% of life is showing up” Woody Allen

This immortal quote has gained a lot of circulation during it’s life.  Do you think that your BNI success can simply be earned by merely attending the meetings?

Here at BNI Resolute, Haverfordwest, we have decided that what Woody probably meant was that in order for something to happen you have to show up and put the hard graft, as opposed to simply wishing and hoping something would happen. So how can we translate and use this mantra to get the most out of our networking opportunities?

Well some people think that simply turning up to a BNI meeting, (ours are at 06.45 on Tuesday morning, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire) means that they will get flooded with referrals. Unfortunately networking opportunities don’t quite work like that.  So we’ve come up with a five point plan to get more from your BNI networking, Pembrokeshire, experience.

1. Change your 60-second introduction each week

Your 60 seconds should be used to educate your fellow members, if they know more about your business they will be able to better refer your business.  Don’t get stuck on a memory hook and remember, people get bored of hearing the same 60 seconds every week.

2. Use your one-to-one meetings

Schedule a one-to-one meeting with someone from the group every week.  You’ll build deeper networking connections by learning more about your fellow members.  And it works visa-versa!  They will learn more about you and your business.

3. Take on a leadership role

You will raise your visibility and credibility – just try and do a good job!

4. Bring legitimate referrals

Scribbling a vague name and number on a scrap of paper isn’t enough to generate a genuine referral.  If you want to receive referrals you also have to put in the work to be able to give them.

5.  Get Educated

There is a whole host of referral courses, blog and books – if you have a look round there are loads of ways to spice up your networking relationships and increase your referrals.

This is just a starting point.  There is so much you can do in order to get more from your networking opportunities. However these serve as a good start.

Showing up is just the start.  Make your networking work with BNI Resolute

If you’re interested in coming and joining one of the strongest regular networking events in Pembrokeshire then come and meet us.  We meet every Tuesday at the Haverfordwest Leisure Centre at 06.45.  Come and meet like-minded business owners from the Pembrokeshire area.

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