How To Be A Networker

Networking is one of the key cornerstones of a a successful business.  Especially in Pembrokeshire, business can often go out on who you know basis.  Anyone can Network, it just comes down to a specific set of skills that you need to learn.  A skill set which anyone can learn, as long as you have the motivation to become a Master Networker.  There are plenty of skills attributed to networking and fortunately having the gift of the gab isn’t necessary to becoming great at networking.

There is little point in investing a lot of time in Networking if you won’t put in some time into becoming a more effective networker.  The more effort, the higher the return.

Often the people who consider themselves the best networkers may not be as good as they think.  Being able to strike up a conversation with anyone is a wonderful skill but the truth remains that striking up a conversation makes you a good talker, rather than a good networker. A good networker has two ear and one mount and uses them both proportionately.  We have two ears, so we should talk half as much as we listen.

Other great networking abilities include

  • The  ‘Givers Gain’ mentality, being willing  to help other people.
  • Positive Attitude – Knowing that you can affect changes in your life and in your business.  If you take the correct action.
  • Reliability – Follow up referrals, build a reputation of reliability and you’ll get more referrals.

To achieve your goals you need to be motivated – a good and strong reason to get out of bed and go and get results.  You need to really go for it.

So we need to go through the process and master it – and then we will be able to connect at a much higher level at networking events.

Dr Misner summed it up, “You can belong to a networking organization, but if you’re not an active participant, you won’t benefit much. Engage your fellow members in the learning process and practice, practice, practice”.

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