How Not to Get Referrals

BNI Resolute works as a networking circle based on getting fellow networking businesses to refer your business and referring them in turn.  This is how BNI works, and it has grown into a successful and lucrative system because of the strength of it’s referrals from business to business.  It works on a system of mutual trust and support.

There are some very easy way to avoid getting referrals – watch out for them and make sure you’re making the most of the number one networking event in Pembrokeshire.

1. Late arrival and multi-tasking during the meeting

2. Not Turning  up at all

3. Failing to ever invite guests

4. Absence of mind during other peoples presentation time

5.  Trying to Sell rather than Educate fellow members during your 60 second spot

6.  Failing to follow up on member referrals

7.  Not Utilizing one-on-one time, or using it to chat

8. Failing to prepare your presentation

9. Mis-use of your 10 minute presentation

10. Complaining about members, your own business, or the chapter

Your seat in BNI Resolute Haverfordwest is worth £58k a year.  That’s a considerable amount of money, so why would you want to squander and waste your time at chapter meetings?  BNI success comes when fellow members trust you and your business.  Your networking family won’t want to pass on your business if you fail to present yourself in a professional way.

Take advantage of the great networking opportunities that belonging to BNI Resolute affords you.  Your next referral could be  your dream job, or it could go to someone else because your BNI members don’t think you are as dedicated, enthusiastic or professional as you should be to deserve the work.

BNI Resolute, Haverfordwest, gives like minded professionals the opportunity to network and forge lasting business relationships. Why not come and meet us on Tuesday mornings at the Haverfordwest Leisure Centure, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.  We love to meet new people, and who knows how we could help your business get more business.

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