Help Grow your BNI Chapter

“Ask not what your Business Network can do for you, ask what you can do for your Business Network”

Businesses use recruiters to find the best people for their available positions.  Here at BNI we invite people to join us.  And generally we want to invite the best people for the roles.  If we at BNI Resolute, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, develop a mindset which, like recruiters, are searching for the best people for the jobs then everyone will get more and better referrals.

We invite guests to our meetings – our visitors bring new business to the room.  We have two categories of visitors, one-off visitors who are coming through and might have an interesting story to tell or business point to talk about.  And then there are those visitors whom we, as a chapter, would actively like to recruit as members.

We want to find people who would be a good fit within our chapter. It’s not necessarily about vacant sectors with willing punters.  Good quality members who will get into the ‘Givers gain’ mind-set which is crucial to our networking mentality.  We want someone who will help grow our chapter and be interested in the growth of the whole team of businesses.

You could try introducing the idea of ‘Givers Gain’ to your potential visitor.  If your guest understands and is enthusiastic about our principles then they are more like to appreciate the power of our network.  It’s also worthwhile establishing the principles of your potential member.  Honesty and credibility.  You must remember that in recruiting a new chapter member you are also recruiting someone who may in the future have to act as a sales representative for your business as well. Would you be happy to let this prospective member represent you to other businesses.

BNI Resolute, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire meet every week at 06.45 at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre.  If you fancy visiting us or becoming a member of one of the most successful business networks in the Pembrokeshire area why not come along and have a look?  Or if you know someone who might be perfect  to fill one of our vacancies, why not start asking the right questions, and find the right members.

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