BNI – Your Weekly Sales Training

BNI is your weekly opportunity to get more people involved with your business.  Don’t worry about being too specific about what it is your business offers.  If you say ‘I’m an architect and I can do everything involved in architecture’ not many people aren’t actually going to be aware of what Architects actually do on a daily basis.  A more effective use of your one minute would be to say, ‘I am an architect and I offer a fully range of design and planning services, including dealing with planning consent and regulations.’

You’ve got 50 weeks in a year to build up a complete portfolio of what you and your business can do.

By being more specific in your 60 seconds you’ll have more chance of referrals because each fellow member will have a clear view of what your business can do!  If one of your networking fellows has a client who needs someone to file planning permission then they will know you can provide this service, and will be able to refer you!

Your referral partners will come to know your full range of services – it might take time, but you can build the picture one week at a time as you comprehensively cover a few key points each week about what services you offer.

Your 60 seconds isn’t a sales pitch, you won’t be closing a sales deal.  It’s an opportunity to train you referral team.  If you took on a new employee to field sales then you wouldn’t give them, once a week, a ground hog style overview of what you do.  You educate them in the details. You build a knowledge base about your products, skills, and procedures.  Your 60 seconds is no different.

A great way  to do this is to just take an hour or two to sit down and list the topics you want to go through each week for a year ahead.  You might not strictly stick to this curriculum but setting them down will give you a greater focus for what you will cover in the future.

Your own focus isn’t the only benefit to be had by setting yourself specific topics.

  • People will listen.  Changing the topic means that they will stay alert.  If they know what you’re going to say, or have heard every week for the last year or so that they’ll find it tough or not bother to listen at all.
  • This will mean that you’ll cover aspects of  your work that your networking fellows hadn’t previously associated with you.  Maybe they have a client who is itching for someone who does what you do?
  • Your fellow members will already be giving you general referrals because they know what you vaguely do, but by covering a specific topic you might just spark a specific referral idea in a members mind.

Give it a go.  Your networking partners will learn more about you, and you will get more referrals.  You don’t lose anything by moving from a general approach to your BNI meetings to a specific one.

If you want to join us here at BNI Resolute, Haverfordwest Chapter then why not come to one of our meetings.  We meet at 06.45 every  Tuesday at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.  Isn’t it time you considered joining one of the most effective business networking and business referrals groups in Pembrokeshire.

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