Avoiding Poor Referrals


So, you’ve received a poor referral.  You called up your referral and you  found it was a dead end.  You are, understandably, irritated by the poor quality of this referral.  However often the tendency to blame the person who passed on this business to you is the one that hits you hardest and soonest.

However quite often it is you who is at fault because you have probably failed to sufficiently educate your fellow BNI members of what you actually want from them. Everyone’s dream referral is slightly different, even you’r in the same line of work.  Each member has to specify exactly what they want from a referral.  So, as a member of BNI Resolute Haverfordwest, in order to get the most out of your networking time with us make sure you’ve worked out what would count as a dream referral to you.

Analyze what kind of customer would bring you in the most money and once you have figured that out make sure that you let your fellow networking BNI members know what it is you want from a referral.  If you don’t set the bar for what  you want from a referral then you don’t stand a chance of getting the referrals you want.  If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

But remember, getting referrals works both ways.  Don’t make assumptions about other peoples businesses.  If you are not sure what another business would want as a referral you must get round and ask them! It’s a simple question which will help every member get the business they want.

If you fancy becoming part of the best networking group in Pembrokeshire why not come and visit us.  We meet on Tuesday mornings in Haverfordwest Leisure centre, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. Come on down and start networking!

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