BNI Resolute


BNI Resolute’s first meeting was held on 23rd May 2006, and we have been meeting every Tuesday morning since then.  The amount of money we have passed since then is £2.84 million.

Becoming an active member of BNI Resolute Haverfordwest is a brilliant way to broaden your market without having to increase your marketing budget. 

By becoming a member you suddenly have 20 associates all of whom want to generate business for you.   This word-of-mouth marketing can be some of the most effective promotional activity.  People listen to direct, human recommendations from sources they trust.   We want to help you to  build mutual connections in order to be able to confidently recommend your BNI partners and know that others will generate work for you in return.

BNI Resolute creates a formal structure in which local businesses can come together in an environment which is supportive and professional.  By meeting new professionals and expanding the horizons of your connections your business can gain a wider following that ever before.   BNI Resolute is an essential referral-based networking service in which brings like-minded professionals together.

We bring businesses together to generate more business.