How to Face Public Speaking

A fear of Public Speaking is an incredibly common one.  Even though BNI isn’t exactly a public speaking training ground members often find themselves becoming more confident in their ability to stand up and speak to groups.

Each member is required to regularly give a 10 minute talk on their business in a presentation.  They can sound over-whelming a a little bit scary to many people but there are some tricks which you can use in order to make the experience less of an ordeal and more of a useful spot of time to get forward on your sales training.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 points which will get you started on the road to public speaking confidence.

Prepare – You’ll be more relaxed when you know that you know your presentation without needing to read word for word from a script.  The human brain is an extraordinary thing and knowing that deep in the recesses of your mind lies your full presentation will be a welcome comfort blanket.  You should also practice in front of a mirror and always keep on track with your timings.

Be Specific – and, obviously, stick to what you know best.  Don’t start trying to learn tricky jargon that you’ve never needed or used before.  Your networking fellows aren’t in your business so learning tricky industry-specific buzzwords will be of absolutely no use  to them and your presentation may end up going totally over their heads.

Use Visuals – Props, Handouts, and Slides all help retain your audience’s attention, whilst possible providing a timely distraction if you find yourself going off script, or forgetting where you were.

Speak as the Expert – Because that is what you are.  Don’t be shy or do yourself down.  You’ve got to where you are today by being good at what you do.  Show that  you’re the expert without bamboozling your audience.

Be Creative – Making up quizzes, showing short films, there are a number of ways to make  your presentation feel less like a 10 minute torture and more like a fun brainstorming opportunity.  So use your imagination.

Remember, public-speaking nerves are a common and understandable part of life and very few people are lucky enough to be born public speakers.  Almost everyone else at your Business referral networking meeting will have gone through the same amount of self-torture to prepare for their 10 minute presentation.  You’ve got to where you are through hardwork, so just know that you can do this.

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