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An organised, supportive and professional environment where local businesses can get together to network and market their own businesses whilst also learning new skills, meeting new people and building relationships

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1268 Referrals Last Year

With people wanting more personal, direct recommendations BNI Resolute put like-minded business people together to create a network of professionals you can recommend without risk.

£72k passed last month

A seat in our BNI chapter is worth 49k a year. BNI offers an opportunity for businesses to, in effect, expand their marketing team without having to expand their marketing budgets.

No competition

BNI Resolute gives you the chance to be the sole representative of your field of business at a networking event. This means that there is no competition, offering more opportunities for your business.

Latest News

BNI Resolute's latest news brings you up to speed with great marketing tips, networking notes and how-to guides in order to make sure that you're making the most of your networking opportunities.

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Meet The Members

BNI Resolute’s members are a collection of professionals who each represents a different field of business.

With only one representative per industry field we provide an essential opportunity to those who want to expand their business network.

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